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Our mission is to contribute to the prosperity of our customers. That is the credo of our company.

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* Benzene

* Cyclohexanone

* Phenol

* Acetone

* Toluene

* Xylene

* Adipic Acid

* Acetic Acid

* Sulphuric Acid

* Hydrochloric Acid

* Epoxy resins

* Phenolformaldehyde resins

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* Styrene Monomer

* Vinylacetate Monomer

* Bisphenol

* Allyl Chloride

* Ethylacetate

* Buthylacetate

* Trichloroethylene

* Natrium Hydroxide

* Ammonia

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* Methanol

* Sulphur

* Perchloroethylene

* Kalium Hydroxide

* Caprolactam

* Calcium Ammonium Nitrate

* Ammonium Sulphate

* Ammonium Nitrate

* Urea

* Epichlorohydrine

* Potassium Permanganate

* Potassium Chloride

* Syntetic Monokrystals

* Methyl Metacrylate


”M-Chemicals and UMC have been partners for over 25 years. Owner Pavol Pleva and the UMC family members have a strong commitment to grow and prosper together. M-Chemicals has been a constant and valuable resource for sourcing raw materials throughout Europe and Russia. Our mutual commitment to conduct business in fair and sustainable atmosphere drives our growth together.”

UMC Corp. New Jersey USA – President

About Company

Our company provides for supply and distribution of chemical, petrochemical raw materials, semi-finished products and other components to the Slovak, European and worldwide distribution market. Products listed in our company's portfolio are the core products with our continuous focus. Simultaneously our company is constantly expanding its portfolio of products and services. Our company has long-term experience in the purchase and sale of safe as well as hazardous chemicals. Our company ensures that all products being part of our sale’s channel meet necessary international standards. Our main attribute is reliability, responsibility and long-term sustainability. We provide complex services to our clients. We maintain absolute loyalty. Our company is devoted and open-minded; we are ready to face new challenges! This is the value added by our company. We are here to process a “tailor-made business” for the satisfaction of our clients. All this based on our 25 years’ experience on the market. Our team is a small, bold and flexible! We know how to do it!

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More than 25 years experience at the market

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Readyness to solve challenging topics

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Longterm partnership, relabiality, loyality

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Wide portfolio of chemical products

Business partnerships in Europe

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Our Team

Ing.Pavel Pleva


Sales team

Hedviga Plevová

Zuzana Vašková

Linda Tóthová


Dana Vallová

M-Chemicals, s.r.o.

Dvořákovo nábrežie 4A 811 02 Bratislava Slovak republic